One thing that I often here is that “I give great advice, but I never follow my own”, Or “I don’t what I want to change.” These are concepts known to most of us but there are ways of understanding ourselves.  Think about the advice you have given in the past.  Has it been based off of your own experiences? Is it advice that you also feel relates to you? When you give advice, it is almost as if you are looking into a mirror talking to yourself.  Listen to the words you tell others, and think…Am I talking to myself here?

Although you are talking sometimes to yourself, it is also important to help others.  You may be growing and becoming another person.  What you went through may be exactly what another is going through. Something that always helped me get through different schooling, or work, or transformation was knowing that other people have done exactly what I was attempting to do.  Stress seems to become less when you start seeing the end point rather than the work that goes into it.  Mentoring is a way for people to help others in their journey.  It is also a way to help yourself continue to grow.  Paying it forward and showing appreciation and gratitude are all ways that we pay it back to the universe.

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