New Beginnings

Most people believe that transformation of the body comes from working out or eating healthy.  We are trapped in this culture where we count calories or make sure we go to the gym five times a week.  Don’t get me wrong, eating healthy and exercising is important to staying healthy.  However, an even more important factor to staying healthy is your mental mindset and trying to understand why we do certain things.  How are we feeling when we overeat?  How do we feel when we binge?  Why do we act in certain ways?  Counting emotions is a way to reflect on why you do certain things in your life and how you are feeling when some bad habits are done.  How do we feel after giving in to our bad habits?  Once we can break down our feelings, we tend to see what is actually a bad habit.  We get to hold ourselves accountable and at the same time understand ourselves a bit more.  Once we become focused on mindset and emotions, transformation can truly start and we can enter our “New Beginnings.”


This site is for a community of people who will help others overcome mental blocks.  I want to surround people with others who are struggling but also those who succeeded in their transformations.  I believe in passing it forward but also appreciating and acknowledging all successes.


What makes emotions so important is that they can mentally put you in a place where it overtakes your life.  The important to realize is the same thing you feel in life, others have felt. Others have also pushed through it.  There is no magic pill.  There is accountability, gratitude, acknowledgement of or flaws, and praising our talents.


There is a course if you would like to work one on one.  There is a mentor group where people can give back to others.  There will be a forum where others can reach out and ask questions.  We have sections where you can show your stories and successes.   Celebrate your success!  Someone reading your story can possibly inspire them to being their own journey!